New England Technology Supply - Services

NETS is committed to delivering services that will help your business succeed, while reducing the impact on your bottom line.
Business Continuity

Without an effective backup and data protection strategy, anything from a corrupted database to a failed hard drive has the potential of placing your business in jeopardy. Let NETS create a plan to backup your data, and reduce the amount of downtime your company would face in the event of a disaster.
Document Management

Nearly every office, regardless of size, has more paper than they know what to do with. NETS can help you move toward the "paperless office" by showing you archive and retrieval systems that will help eliminate the back-room file cabinet maze.

If you are in one of the many industries required to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley or HIPAA, talk to us about Content Management Software that can achieve compliance and facilitate the ease of doing business..
Extended Warranty Services

Replace failed hardware quickly and easily by purchasing an onsite repair or replacement extended warranty provided directly from the manufacturer.
Inventory Management Service

Providing you with the right products, on time, is something we are proud of. Sometimes though, you may feel like it's a daunting task to keep track of all the different cartridges, media, labels and other supplies you need. Remove that stress by signing up for our FREE NETS Inventory Management Service.

NETS will assess your needs, suggest appropriate levels, and then make sure you always have those consumables on hand. Don't run out again, call us for a free assessment today.
Vision Site Assessment

How much are you spending on general office printing and related activities? Do you need to replace your printers, or simply re-allocate them? What is the current capability of your networked and desktop devices? NETS takes the guesswork out of making the right office equipment decisions by providing a VISION Site Assessment. This free, comprehensive report outlines your network and the relative productivity of every print device on it.

Once you are able to see the complete picture, making effective decisions becomes much easier. NETS will work with you to provide best-in-class office equipment chosen to fit your specific business needs.

According to InfoTrends, the average company will spend between 3% and 6% of their yearly revenue on general office printing expenditures. Call to set up a free VISION Site assessment, and start controlling those costs today.