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Providing the right products, on-time, is our primary focus. Keeping track of all the different cartridges, labels, media and other supplies can be a daunting task for a business. Remove that stress by signing up for NETS Inventory Management Service. We will asses your needs, suggest appropriate levels, and then make sure you always have those consumables on hand to avoid running out. Call today to set up an free needs assessment. 1-800-603-NETS (6387)

• Do you use multiple vendors? Get all your IT supplies from NETS and save time with a single-source.

• Save money too. NETS pricing is very competitive with all major retailers.

• Broken machine? Missing a cartridge? Call 1-888-603-NETS and we’ll have the needed supplies or service on the way ASAP.

• Not sure if you need service or a replacement? Let NETS asses your hardware and show you some innovative service options, or the latest equipment that will fit your budget and keep your office productive.